Thursday, February 17, 2011

motherboards, external hard drives, and pandas.

Yeah, i'm currently working in a computer shop in Parade right now,
as in, even NOW as i'm typing.
yeah, work here is a bit flexible which is totally cool !
So if you need anything related to computer or even iphone cover,
give me a ring!
(i accept onion rings too)

Anyway, here's something random :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kaleidescope madness :)
Imma nerd 8-|

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

these were all taken 2 weeks back;
caught a midnight movie called All's Well End's Well with Kah Yee and Tom,
the movie really wasn't as funny as i thought it would be, ohwell !

(here you go KY :D)


Sunday, February 13, 2011

if only i had fireworks display just outside my window . .

so is it me, or are people getting really rich these days?
there are tons of fireworks everywhere! :D
Not the cheap ones that look like they shot up ants to the sky;
we're talking about giant flowers up above!
they're just beautiful man.

Anyhow, yesterday was quite a day.
woke up to my alarm (fireflies-owlcity) around 9 cause i was suppose to go out job hunting with Gou and Mits. Gou overslept (as usual :p ) ! We tried looking for jobs in banks cause we heard from a friend that some do hire part-timers ; but i've got no clue what they'll make us do. Print money? Customer service? Who knows, we just wanted to try our luck with it, hoping that their pay would put a smile on our faces! :D

but when we got there, OH GREAT. The officer/guard said the office isn't open on saturdays, only weekdays. So yeahh! That pretty much wrapped up the whole 'job hunt' except for the part where we also tried out at Coffee Bean. Hope they'll call us up soon, haha!

So after "job hunt", i headed off to church for SCC practice :)
Gah, most of them were late when i thought i would be the late one! HAHA
but practice was good and SCC turned out great! the kids were just really happy, active during the games session and just so joyful :)
and sometimes i just feel like i can learn simple things from them, really amazing :D

after that, went over to Amos and Adelene's crib for dinner which was super yummy! Joash, May, Grace and Joel came along after their worship practice and it was just a good time we had there :) And oh, we also attempted on a few covers, but didnt get to do a full one we're satisfied with before the battery died. SO YEAH :D but we did manage to get a video of us having the oh so awesome dinner prepared by Amos! Will post it up soon .

mandarin oranges without flesh

during one of the games (SCC)

the mandarin orange was filled with a lighted candle,
creative eh! to whoever who made em :D

pictures of chilli Joash took,
looking hot and spicy, HAHA

and oh yes!
Have you seen this?


Wednesday, February 09, 2011


(is this giving you a headache already?)

Howdy! How are ya'll doing eh? (cowboy-ish)
Yeah, if you might not have noticed, i've stopped using Nuffnang (good riddance). im now a advertlet-er! (or something like that) So do click on the ads! (since you have nothing better to do, really)

and i've just posted up the chinese new year 2011 album on facebook !
More pictures to come!